Planter Material Guide

It can be challenging to decide which is the ideal material for garden pots, planters, and containers when there are so many options. So let our analysis of planter materials guide your decision!

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Traditional and aesthetically pleasing, wood makes a great material for planters. It is a dependable option for creating a strong and robust container because it is quite resilient and can tolerate changing outdoor conditions. Timber can be carved into a variety of shapes and sizes and coated in a variety of colours and finishes because to its flexibility and adaptability. This variety makes wood containers especially ideal for commercial use where long-lasting displays are required. Before being planted, wood should be pressure treated and well lined in order to preserve this quality and stop rot.

Building a planter box can be done with a variety of lumber kinds, some of which are more advantageous than others. At Contemporary Planters, we choose from a variety of premium hardwood and softwood. This comprises of premium hardwood and softwood, such as Redwood, Sapele, Iroko, Cumaru, and Western Red Cedar are among the options for hardwood timber. Other types of wood are available. Cedar wood is preferred for its durability and built-in resistance to decay. It has natural oils that maintain the condition of the wood and is naturally resistant to fungus growth. Any outdoor space will be enhanced by the smooth appearance and lovely red tone of Redwood Cedar.

We only utilise wood that has been sustainably harvested. Learn more about the advantages of sustainable wood here.



Fibreglass Planters

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Contrary to some massive and hefty timber designs, fibreglass is a lightweight material that makes it possible to move planters around with ease. Fibreglass containers are thus very well suited for household use. Fibreglass containers have the freedom to be presented indoors and outside since high-quality reinforced fibreglass is a robust material that can survive harsh weather conditions. Due to the attractive and sophisticated appearance Fibreglass provides, it is a popular option when designing a garden display with numerous planters. Each planter must be cleaned with a non-abrasive medium at least twice a year in order to maintain the colour and quality of this material.                                                                 


Metal Planters

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A planter can be made from a broad variety of metal materials, and the quality of those materials can vary. Cheap metals are susceptible to rusting quickly and damage from the elements. However, strong metals that won't crack or break include galvanised steel and aluminium. They have a sturdy appearance that complements a range of huge plants and can be coated with a scratch-resistant finish. 



Speak with the staff at Contemporary Planters for further suggestions on the ideal material for your outdoor planters. We specialise in planters and offer a high-quality selection of both conventional and modern containers.  Contact us right away for a free estimate!