What are Fibreglass Planters?

Fibreglass planters are dependable containers composed of lightweight fiber-reinforced plastic, which may be easily moulded to any shape. This low-maintenance flower container is ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings because it is anti-magnetic, fireproof, and waterproof.

How effective are Fibreglass planters?

Fibreglass planters are increasingly the first option for both professional and amateur landscape designers. This is because they have several desirable characteristics that are desired in both indoor and outdoor situations, including great weather resistance, adaptability, and incredible light weight.

Cleaning fibreglass planters

Fibreglass requires little maintenance, but we advise cleaning all planters made of it at least twice a year. Please be aware that some cleaners might harm the material. Never clean with abrasive materials such as steel wool, sandpaper, solvents, or other abrasives. Damage might also result from pressure washer cleaning.

Timber varieties

For wooden garden pots, Redwood and Cedar are the most popular choices. Cedar due to its durability, inherent resistance to rotting and fungi, and the presence of natural oils that maintain the integrity of the wood. And redwood, whose resistance is comparable and which will enliven any outdoor space with its lovely red tone. However, at Contemporary Planters, we employ a variety of premium hardwood and softwood, such as Redwood, Sapele, Iroko, Cumaru, and Western Red Cedar are among the options for hardwood timber. Other types of wood are available.

Metal Planters

You just need to pick the appropriate kind of metal container. Some metal pots might overheat and harm your plants because of this. Our selection of planters made of galvanised steel, aluminium, and corten steel has been meticulously created to prevent this and be an excellent choice for your plants. Any alternative is preferable if it is larger because it further aids in heat dissipation, but aluminium containers in particular have the highest strength to weight ratio of the three.

Do metal planters rust?

Both aluminium and galvanised steel planters, which have a scratch-resistant coating and a coat of iron steel coated with a layer of zinc, are extremely resistant to rust and corrosion. So you can put them outside safely knowing that they won't need any upkeep and will look great for many years. Corten steel containers, on the other hand, grow a protective layer of rust naturally, producing that desired orange-brown colour. This procedure offers corrosion prevention that lasts for around 4-5 months.

When will my order arrive?

Our joinery shop crafts all of our wooden planters by hand, and we strive to fulfil custom orders within 4 to 6 weeks of the order date. Please be aware, though, that schedules can change depending on the needs of each customer and the season. Our modern planters are available in standard sizes, so they can be delivered within 14 days of receiving your order.

Delivery cost

Orders placed with Contemporary Planters are delivered throughout the UK  Delivery charge will display at checkout.  Large deliveries are delivered on pallet, a charge of £80.00.

Wooden planters, are they flat packed?

All goods are sent fully assembled at Contemporary Planters.

Are the wooden planters lined?

Some are GRP lined, fitted with drainage pipes, please read product descriptions.  Product descriptions will specify about lining.  The insides of the planters are GRP lined, this is then coated in FLO Coat paint (rubber paint).  There are no drainage holes in Versailles timber planters, to stop rotting.  There are drainage pipes.

Do the planters have a guarantee?

Our UK manufactured fibreglass planters have a 10 year guarantee.  The other listed fibreglass planters have a 5 year guarantee.

Can the planters be painted?

Yes, on our UK manufactured planters, full RAL colour choice is available.

Which timber is used to build planters?

For a variety of uses, we provide a comprehensive selection of both traditional and modern materials. Timber is excellent for custom designs and commercial applications since it is highly flexible and durable. We also employ premium materials like Metal, and Fibreglass, which come in a variety of weights, styles, and appearances. So we're pleased to share our professional insight on which is best for your requirements. For further information, see our Material Guide. We supply, Sapele, Iroko, Cumaru, and Western Red Cedar are among the options for hardwood timber. Other types of wood are available.

Can I order just 1 planter?

Yes, even though we have a lot of expertise working on large orders and bespoke designs, you may choose from a variety of conventional shapes and sizes in our online shop. Alternatively, if you tell us the size and materials you require for your plant pot, we'll provide a free estimate for a custom build.

Do you supply extra large planters?

Yes, our product selection is available in sizes ranging from small to extra big. Additionally, we routinely collaborate with local governments and commercial enterprises to deliver extra-large street planters and functional business containers.

How do I get a quote for a custom planter?

If you would like a free quote, just fill out our contact form with the details of your project. Additionally, you can reach us by phone at 0121 3922 920 or by email at info@contemporaryplanters.co.uk.