GRP - Fibreglass

The physical properties of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) allow it to be easily tooled and manufactured, with no limits on size, shape or finish, giving designers creative freedom to run wild with their imagination. Kilo for kilo GRP is stronger than steel yet, unlike stainless steel, it is resistant to salt air, chemicals and UV light. In extreme temperatures, GRP does not change making it a more economical and lightweight alternative to steel and other materials.

Longevity is another GRP benefit, Contemporary Planters guarantee their UK manufactured GRP products for 10 years, although we are confident GRP will last much longer than this.

GRP is corrosion resistant, water tight, strong, robust and reduces a product’s weight, it requires less maintenance - making it a highly attractive option compared to more traditional materials like timber or metal. No rust, no painting, no wood rot! GRP is simply maintained with a soft cloth and warm water.

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